Sunday, February 12, 2006

Catnip Anonymous

Catnip Anonymous

Hi, my name is Mooshkin,
I am a calico, and was adopted last year. I was an outdoor cat that was dropped off at the Apartments in the next town. A very nice lady tried to care for me at the apartments and she found a good home for me with Mom, Dad, Angel & Zoe. Satch found us this fall and moved in too.

I do love catnip same as the next girl. Mom bought us scratching boxes, she adds catnip to. That way I can scratch all I want, and not get into trouble. Then the scent of the catnip floats through the air right up my nose. When I get happy enough I usually curl up right on the box, though I have been known to fall off.
I like all the recomendations for other cat nips and mom says she is going to buy some different brands and see what we really like.


Patches & Mittens said...

Hi there! I am a calico too, as is my sisfur Mittens. We have an outdoor kitty sisfur named Mistrie, she is a torbie. We make up The Calico Girls. Mittens is the biggest nip head, followed by Mistrie....I am such a Lady I only taste it occasionaly and I always act dignified!

meemsnyc said...

scratch boxes are ze best.