Sunday, January 22, 2006

Welcome to Catnip Anonymous

Hi all you niphead kitties! Cuz me and my sisters sell nip on our Mom's site, we gotta help out nipheads who have trouble controlling their nip addiction (like my sister Sanjee). So I volunteered to start Catnip Anonymous. We're gonna have a blog (here!) and a website (comin soon!). So if you wanna talk about or help your kittycrack addiction, this is the place to come.


The Meezers said...

My name is Trixie and I'm a kitty crack head.

Sanjee said...

Hi Trixie, there are worse things to be. Yanno, like, say, being human. *kitty giggles*

Badness said...

My name is Badness and I too am a niphead.

But I am not sorry about it one bit!