Thursday, July 13, 2006

Party time comin up!

Here's an email notice from Pandora of Britcats

Hi guys
I will be 18 bean years old on the 24 July!

That's 78 years old in our lifetimes..... sheesh, no wonder my bones creak....

Mama says I can have a party on the 21st July, but she's gonna be away for a week now. So - if you see this, spread the word. All felines and beans, buns, woofies invited....

Mama will do the rounds as much as she can when she gets back from our bean granny and grampy's house.


Put the 21st on your calendar and let's all go party with Pandora!


Aloysius said...

I'd love to come to your party, but my human has to go out of town and I need to stay home and take care of things.

Anita said...

22 of july was my 9ยบ birthday!

Congratulations!!! prrrrrrrrr