Friday, September 29, 2006

I'm not joining for myself but for my sister Ninna

Really. I don't have a problem with the nip. Can take it or leave it.

But my sister Ninna does have a problem. All she wants to do is EAT it. She doesn't get excited, she doesn't roll around, she doesn't want to play or get crazy - she just seriously wants to eat nip. I think she may be hiding some around the house, and I'm worried because she is in deep denial.

I thought this group might help me learn some ways to help Ninna realize that she *does need help.

Thank you in advance for any advice on how I might proceed in this highly charged and possibly dangerous situation.



Hot(M)BC said...

Try having some nip and running around like crazy to show her how it's done, maybe?

sher said...

Thank goodness I found this site! It was recommended by JellyPizza. My Upsie has a severe catnip addiction. I must try to get her to read this blog of yours--and join a 12 Step Program. Sigh.