Tuesday, October 10, 2006

My order of catnip is here!

Hi catnipers anonymous!

A long time ago I made an order of authentic catnip. It´s here!!!! muhahahaha!:

The package in which it arrived surrounded seemed of top secret...

If you want to know how this story finishes you click here...


(The Ana´s Daily English traslation of Babelfish)


Luna said...

Yummy for you but I don´t know who is Catnip ??
Mamiiiiiii quiero mi catnip!! asi puedo entrar al club de Catnip Hmmm!

Anonymous said...

Wow love this sight My name is Mu shue pooh Know as Mu shue the King Cat. I must admitt I am addicted to catnp. But not just any catnip After all I am A King I like the preimime ornigic nip. I also been known to enjoy a catnip pizza. Aww yes nip is good stuff

Anita said...

¡Muhahahaha! Luna, veo que ya has ingresado al club de los adictos... a ver si te estrenas como adicta y tu mami hace ya el pedido de catnip... a ver si te gusta.

"Mu shue pooh" you are a canip adict? you can solicit the entrance in this group. Muhahahaha!!!