Saturday, January 06, 2007

Christmas fills of catnip

***Happy New Year efurryone!!***

How have you been in this Christmas? My Christmas has been very travelling... conquering new territories.

I will write on my Christmas Eve full of catnip soon... Muhahahaha! but I wanted to wish you happy new year


Pursssssss efurryone!!


Justin said...

Hey, happy new year to you too!our new year party was great. My pets too ahd a ball! do tell me about your merriment too. And hey, just check this out Feline Diabetes as we shud know about this.

Muddy said...

Same to you! It looks like an interesting year ahead. I am hoping to see more birds and mice running around the place.

RUTH said...

Happy New Year to you. What a lovely photograph.

Anita said...