Monday, January 30, 2006

Hi. My name is Timothy and I'm a nipaholic.

I can't help myself. My Auntie Deb is partially responsible for my need for nip. She made me some great toys for Christmas and each one was stuffed full of nip. Oh man they're goooooood! I hide them a'hind the chair that Momma lays in when she's watchin' the talking box. Then, she can hear me doing my kick-kick-kicks on the toys and starts to look for me. But I'm wise to her...I walk away a'fore she can find my stash.

Snoodleroo sent me a fabulous mouse I named Clifford for my secret paw gift. It's got nip in it. I loves it. I likes to hide around the corner from it and then pounce it! It's a little too small for me to kick-kick-kick but still...I loves it a lot.

The Catifornians have sent me nip too. I still have a little bit of it. Momma keeps the dime bag of nip from them in a drawer and sprinkles it on my green toy for me. That's when I likes to go over and scritch scratch on it. I loves to do that!!

I can't wait until the warm season comes. Know why? A'cause my Momma always grows me fresh nip. Oh there's nothing quite like the smell of fresh nip! I can't wait!!! Momma says it smells like a skunkie. I don't think so. I think it smells divine!!

So uhh...that's my story.


Kukka-Maria said...

Fresh nip is the best! My mom grew it for us for the first time last summer. She says she is going to do the same this year, too.

Now if she'd only let us outside to graze on it ourselves instead of waiting for her to bring it to us...

Bonnie Underfoot said...

It grows WILD in my garden. Efurry year, it pops up somewhere new. Last year, there was a bunch near the compost bin, so efurry time someone took out trash, I asked for some nip.

Sanjee said...

Lucky Timmy! Can I come visit this summer? Huh? Can I huh?

Boni said...

hehehe You're so funny Timmy. I'll be glad to send Sanjee to visit you this summer. And Mini too if you like. Hmmms. Maybe just Sanjee. She and Mini tend to fuss and it wouldn't be nice to send fussing sisters.