Friday, February 03, 2006

Catnip Connoisseur

Hi Gang!
I'm Cosmo Suma Kitty, but you can call me Cos, The Cos Man or Cossy. I answer to all! My ma is Dianne over on the sidebar. She can't change that because of her own blog.
I really love dried out nip. The fresh stuff just doesn't appeal to me. My mom tried to grow two different nip plants. She broke off several leaves, even rubbed them, but I turned my nose up and walked away. A 'green' thing that I do like is grass, but that's a different story.
I have sniffed out catnip many a times. One time mom had a stash in her room and I found it. I spread that hash all over mom' s favorite rug!
Mom makes catnip toys for kitties at shelters. I actually swiped one! Well she offered me the tan design and I preferred the blue one. I got lots of cat spit on it and so it's mine. What a guy's gotta do! So that's the story. I look forward to reading yours and adding to mine.
Cos hint-if you have a new scratching post-have your person sprinkle a little nip on it so you know it's yours and okay to use. Same with a new bed.


Nancy in IL said...

WHAT??? Cosmo doesn't like the Cosmic Catnip from Caiti of IL??? But it's a "green" gift of nip from his apayed admirer who insists on calling him Cosmo Studmuffin. I've told her to get the stars out of her eyes and that they're both neutered. But there's always that longing.....

Dianne said...

Bowing head in shame-I can't plant it yourself you see.
Now that you brought it up, I'll kick ma in the butt to get it planted. I am sure I will be chewing away on it.

Dianne said...

Oh Caiti babe, why don't you ask to join this blog? Then I can see your stripes once in a while.
; ) Cos

Anonymous said...

WHAT is wrong with all you Cats?????