Friday, March 02, 2007

Dangers of Catnip Movie

You really MUST see Daisy's new movie about the dangers of Catnip use. Fank you Daisy for such an educational movie!


Socks, Abby and Blackie said...

LOL that was funny! I will have to share it with the rest of the gang


Faz the Cat said...

I agree - it is definitely MUST WATCH viewing for all cats who like a bit too much nip. FAZ

Diamond said...

I have just watched the movie. Lynettea grows catnip for me in a big pot and a smaller one that the catnip spread to. The catnip grows all the time, but not as much in winter. For a while we had a cat that came into the garden and sat on it, so it got a lot of broken stems.
Lynettea picks it sometimes and rubs it all over my fur. She didn't know it was so dangerous.

Spoiler said...

That video is addictive!

Sophie Brador said...

Hi, I'm Sophie, and I'm a nipaholic. Well, actually that's not quite true. I'm a dog, but if I could have a monkey on my back, I'd call it catnip.

p.s. Come visit my site and link to Tigre's blog (first on the list). She's a cat not to be missed. Very funny blog.

Karl and Anastasia said...

We suggest to switch from the dried variety to the fresh stuff! No serious side effects except being in a good and playful mood for a while!
Make your staff grow a patch of catnip for you in the front yard and keep your habit while still staying healthy and functional!
Karl and Anastasia